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About "A Failed Artist"

A Failed Artist is a Documentary Project built specifically for the Cardano Blockchain.

The story involves a wet plate photographer's artistic journey throughout his life. The ups and downs of being an artist, and how blockchain technology can revive "failed" artists like him all around the world.

Join us in being part of one of the first

documentary projects on Cardano.


Failed Frames

300 Frames From The Film

You can now Collect 1/1 Frames of the film, Sales from the Frames fund our next film project for the #CardanoCommunity

Web Frames.png

"A Failed Artist's" 10 NFT's

Unveil 10.jpg

All Frame Sales Will Go Towards Funding our next film

We initially Gated the film using the Tickets, Now Tickets have been repurposed to utilize discord verification and the original people who purchased a ticket and supported the film have been airdropped a random Frame from the film

Shot #9.jpg

To purchase a Random Frame Please Send 77ADA To the below NMKR Link

Do Not Send From an Exchange
Send Exact Amount Of ADA

The 300 Frame Holders will get Early Access to the Next film we Produce

Our Team.

These are the people who are part of "A Failed Artist"

Profile Pic Steve3p_0.jpg








A Failed Artist




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